Purpose: conquer land and castles on a map, the one with most control in the end wins.

The four fighting forces in the IN larp has at the start 5 troops each on the board.
The Saxons: East Anglia
The Saxons: Mercia
The Vikings: Gimleby
The Vikings: The free Vikings.

The winner of a battle in the IN game can send virtual resources to the board game, either:
-> 2 troops, or  
- >4 weapons, or
-> 4 provisions the forces on the board.

There will be three bofferfights each day in a special place where the healing process after injury is shorter.
This mean that people that likes boffer will get many opportunities to join a big battle.
Boffer times at 13, 17 and 20. The winner of the battleground wins the prize that has an effect on the boardgame.

We play one double round after: 13, 17, 21 - every day: a total of 18 rounds in three days.
Each round starts with one player at a time:

1) Place reinforcements troops, or weapons, or provisions (from the IN battle winner).
Must be placed on adjacent square to the “Ragnarike” on the map.

Unguarded weapons, or provisions can be picked up by anybody, as they pass.

2) Movement, all pieces may move once. All pieces in one square moves together.
Steps/squares = 1 dice + provisions (will be counted as extra movement points). (Provisions will be discarded after one use). Provisions extra movement points apply to all troops on that square. Moving troop can pick up weapons, or provisions and keep moving.

3) Attack, all pieces may attack once onto an adjacent square.
Each piece/troop attack individually against one opponent.
1 Dice + extra point for weapons (will be discarded after one use)).
Weapons extra points apply to one troop.

3b) Defender must roll equal or higher on a dice to survive (castles give +1 or +2 extra points on the roll). Looser removes one troop from the board.

The one that controls most valuable squares at the end.