Viking low fantasy Larp 25-28 July 2018, Sweden

Language: English and Swedish

Invited participants: Swedish larpers and 55 participants from Estonia, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, (age 16-22). Maximum participants in all event 150.
Location: Hästekasen Farm (Hästekasvägen 6). 8 hektar forest/cliff and field.

All beginners can sleep OFF if it is too hard to be IN-character. No modern equipment IN.

Beginners must join one of 3-4 groups that will be lead by an experienced IN-leader.
Some NPC´s will be hired.

Three types of larping:
1) Conflict/fight/diplomacy
2) Magical/ myth/ rituals/ nature
3) Competition/ games/ entertainment/ handicraft / culture

The story is inspired by the viking history and viking mythology and the most common fantasy, such as LOTR

The larp conflict is centered on the tension/conflict between Vikings and English Invaders of Kattegatt. Contrary to historical happenings, in this Larp the Saxon english has stepped a shore with troops in Kattegatt to quench/stop the emerging viking hordes before they start raiding England.

Religions: Only Pagan

The geography
The LARP campain that runs every summer is called GIMLEBY. At the fullmoon in July. This years LARP is called: AS THE RAVEN FLIES.
We follow the destiny of the small village of Gimleby that fled from a catastrophy in the south (from their ruined village BALDERSHEIM (vaguely located in the north of Europe).
The catastrophe is the one that occured around 500 A.D, a vulcano eruption that clouded the sky for 7 years and people starved and war followed. In nordic mythology it is called the "FIMBULVINTER". The story of Gimleby is played out between 700 A.D and 1100 A.D, which gives us the opportunity to involve some mideival influences.
The Gimleby-villagers settled in RAGNARIKE on the border to NORDMARK. In Nordmark we encounter magic and mythology and other creatures than humans. Beyond Nordmark we find the outer lands: UTMARKERNA. No body goes there, it is said to be plauged with Svartblod "blackblood creatures".
When using the name "the south": SÖDERN, it involves the place we came from and where we do not go. Södern is also a discreet way of saying that it is OFF.
RAGNARIKE is situated in the general area of KATTEGATT, a sea, that connects the north to MERCIA and EAST ANGLIA, the lands of the SAXONS. These Saxons have sent troups to Ragnarike to stop the vikings from raiding south. All this is played out in the vikings MIDGARD.


All have 3 HP (hit points) armor can add up to +6 in total.
Weapons do 1 HP in damage, arrows 2 HP

Shields may not be so big they cover both knee and shoulder.

Beginners must join one of the following groups:
1) The saxons under the King of Mercia
2) The saxons under the King of East Anglia
(These two above are more medieval)

3) The vikings under the Jarl of the forest vikings

These four groups above are fighters. The following groups below are less boffering:

5) The vikingvillage handicraft/merchant/rituals/games
(this group may also fight if they want, but must not)

Experienced larpers may form their own groups, but must relate them to the story.

We will have different layers in this larp.
- A more combat style larp. Three battles a day
- A boardgame, a gameistisc option - "to win the larp"
- A more village/history style larp.
- A more magical/mythical game, with more acting.

And of course they will all mix and characters may enjoy every level.